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Because of the type of products we sell it is much easier and more accurate for our staff to do a quote for transport offline. It works out much cheaper as well, in most cases. If you would like a quote for transport please choose the "No Payment" option (on the checkout page) and make a note in the "Order Notes" box that we should add a quote for transport. One of our staff will contact you with a quote for the products which includes transport to your address.


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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

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Trina Solar 425W Vertex S Monocrystalline Panel, 144 Cells

Trina Solar 425W Vertex S Monocrystalline Panel, 144 Cells

R2 666,00

Trina Solar 420W Vertex S Dual Glass Mono Panel, 144 Cells

R2 722,84

Canadian Solar 405W Hiku6 Panel, Mono-Crystalline

R3 090,80

Trina Solar 550W Vertex Monocrystalline Panel, 110 Cells

R3 374,11

(CD) Canadian Solar 455W Hiku6 Panel, Mono Perc, T4

Original price was: R3 610,75.Current price is: R3 430,22.

Ja Solar 415W Mbb Half-Cell Panel, Mono, All Black

R3 478,92

Ja Solar 460W Mbb Half-Cell Module, Mono, 144 Cell

R3 854,86

Ja Solar 555W Mbb Half-Cell Module, Mono, 144 Cell

R4 610,03

Ecoflow 110W Portable Solar Panel, Monocrystalline

R5 076,72

Enertec Lithium Ion Battery (12v) (75ah)

R8 673,56

Ecoflow 220W Bifacial Solar Panel, Monocrystalline

R9 166,30

Enertec Lithium Ion Battery (12v) (105ah)

R10 261,83

Enertec Lithium Ion Battery (24v) (100ah)

R19 903,94

Enertec Lithium Ion Battery (12v) (200ah)

R21 925,39

Enertec Lithium Ion Battery (36v) (100ah)

R26 595,67

Enertec Lithium Ion Battery (48v) (100ah)

R39 229,06

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