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Contour Collection

Contour Collection

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Contour 6 Bar 530mm (Straight) (PTS)

Contour 6 Bar 530mm (Straight) (PTS)

R5 599,78

Contour 6 Bar 650mm (Straight) WPS (PTS)

R6 422,89

Contour 6 Bar 530mm (Straight) (PTS) Matt Black

R7 199,46

Contour 6 Bar 530mm (Straight) (TDC)

R7 201,73

Contour 6 Bar 650mm (Straight) WPS (TDC)

R7 910,13

Contour 8 Bar 650mm (Straight) (PTS)

R8 068,11

Contour 8 Bar 650mm (Straight) (TDC)

R9 538,24

Extra Info About Contour Collection

The Contour Collection gives you the best of classic and modern with a combination of its round and square design. The Contour Collection has two different types of Heated Towel Rails – The CONTOUR 6 Bar and the CONTOUR 8 Bar. The Contour 6 bar is available in 2 sizes, 530mm and 650mm, with a PTSelect Switch or TDC Timer. This model is great for drying and warming up to 3 bath sheets. The CONTOUR 8 Bar is perfect for drying 3 bath sheets and 2 bath towels.

Written By Danielle Turton, Bathroom Butler

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