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Because of the type of products we sell it is much easier and more accurate for our staff to do a quote for transport offline. It works out much cheaper as well, in most cases. If you would like a quote for transport please choose the "No Payment" option (on the checkout page) and make a note in the "Order Notes" box that we should add a quote for transport. One of our staff will contact you with a quote for the products which includes transport to your address.


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Nova Braai (800) (No Cowl) (M/S)

Nova Braai (800) (No Cowl) (M/S)

R7 239,63

UniBraai (700) (No Cowl)

R8 369,92

UniBraai (700) (Storm Cowl)

R8 627,74

Nova Braai (1000) (No Cowl) (M/S)

R9 172,26

UniBraai (700) (Rotating Cowl)

R9 440,39

Pedestal Braai

R9 890,03

850 Free Standing Braai

R12 080,48

UniBraai (1000) (No Cowl)

R12 919,95

UniBraai (1000) (Storm Cowl)

R13 245,84

UniBraai (1000) (Rotating Cowl)

R13 608,85

UniBraai (1200) (No Cowl)

R13 829,54

UniBraai (1200) (Storm Cowl)

R14 182,24

UniBraai (1200) (Rotating Cowl)

R14 900,02

UniBraai SS (700) (No Cowl)

R20 221,45

Premio Pizza Oven (Wood)

R23 932,50

Premio Pizza Oven (Gas)

R28 961,63

UniBraai SS(1000) (No Cowl)

R29 371,02

UniBraai SS (1200) (No Cowl)

R38 555,93

Professional Dual Braai (1200)

R40 488,29

Professional Dual Braai (1500)

R46 026,29

Super Deluxe (1500)

R46 026,29

Super Deluxe (1200)

R52 079,45

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