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Blanco Sinks

Blanco Sinks

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Blanco Flex Pro Sink (45 S)

Blanco Flex Pro Sink (45 S)

R1 675,12
(780 x 480 x 160mm)

Blanco Supra 400-U Sink

R1 981,33

Blanco Tipo 8 S Compact Sink

R1 990,33

Blanco Supra Sink (340-U)

R2 044,37
(370 x 430 x 175mm)

Blanco Supra Sink (500-U)

R2 269,52
(530 x 400 x 175mm)

(LTD STOCK) Blanco Rondo Silgranit Prep Bowl – Anthracite

Original price was: R4 928,57.Current price is: R4 682,14.
(450 x 450 x 165mm)

Blanco Supra Sink (340/340-U)

R4 710,15
(715 x 450x 175mm)

Blanco Andano Sink (180-U)

R5 421,63
(220 x 400 x 130mm)

Blanco Andano Sink (340-U)

R5 754,85
(380 x 440 x 190mm)

Blanco Rondo black

R5 980,00

Blanco Andano Sink (400-U)

R5 989,01
(440 x 440 x 190mm)

Blanco Andano Sink (500-U)

R6 457,32
(540 x 440 x 190mm)

Blanco Sona 5S blk

R6 691,48

Blanco Subline 320 U black

R7 033,70

Blanco Subline 320 U Silgranit Sink – White

R7 033,70
(350 x 460 x 190mm)

Blanco Subline 320U grey

R7 033,70

Blanco Carena S white DR

R7 069,73

Blanco Carena S grey DR

R7 069,73

Blanco Carena S black DR

R7 069,73

Blanco Subline 400 U black

R7 321,90

Blanco Subline 400 U Silgranit Sink – White

R7 321,90
(430 x 460 x 190mm)

Blanco Andano Sink (700-U)

R7 447,98
(740 x 440 x 190mm)

(CD) Blanco Lexa 8 S Silgranit Sink (Anthracite)

Original price was: R7 885,71.Current price is: R7 491,43.
(1160 x 500 x 190mm)

Blanco Etagon 500 U black

R7 898,28

Blanco Etagon 500U grey

R7 898,28

Blanco Etagon 500U wht

R7 898,28

Blanco Lexa 8S Silgranit Sink (Black)

R8 168,46

Blanco Lexa 8 S Silgranit Sink (White)

R8 168,46
(1160 x 500 x 190mm)

Blanco Lexa 8S Silgranit Sink (Grey)

R8 168,46

Blanco Etagon 6 Inset black

R8 366,60

Blanco Etagon 6 grey

R8 366,60

Blanco Etagon 6 wht

R8 366,60

Blanco Naya 8S black RHD

R8 627,77

Blanco Etagon 700U blk

R9 051,05

Blanco Etagon 8 blk

R9 852,59

Blanco Subline 350/350 U black

R10 870,27

Blanco Subline 350 / 350 Silgranit Sink – White

R10 870,27
(755 x 460 x 200mm)

Blanco Andano Sink (400/400 U)

R12 491,36
(865 x 400 x 190mm)

Blanco Max FWD

R13 851,27

Extra Info About Blanco Sinks

Blanco offers many different sink styles and configurations in different sizes for all standard base cabinet dimensions. As well as single bowls, there are also models with two bowls or a smaller additional bowl. You can choose the bowl design that works best with your style of décor, all the way from classic to linear and through to modern.

To meet all customers’ desires, BLANCO offers bowls in all two of the standard materials: Stainless steel and the ever-popular Silgranit. Materials and colours can be selected to work with their surroundings, whether that means matching shades or choosing an accent colour. You can also choose from a range of options when it comes to installing the bowl.

Stainless-steel sinks are timeless and elegant, and often the preferred material of kitchen planners. Besides its ideal properties for preparing food and cleaning dishes, stainless steel also offers plenty of design options and product features, like rounded or tight corners, different bowl depths and sink shapes. A wide range of styles opens up endless possibilities to find the right sink for every kitchen, while the neutral tones of stainless-steel blend harmoniously with any kitchen environment.

Silgranit sinks are adored around the world for their exclusive styles and designer colour palette. The kitchen has become a central point in our homes and a reflection of our lifestyles. With a wide range of styles from proven classics to exclusive award-winning designs, available in a broad selection of configurations and sizes, you can find the right Silgranit sink or bowl to create your dream kitchen.

Written By Roger Westbrook, Blanco South Africa

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