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(CD) Plastic Insert Oval

(CD) Plastic Insert Oval


(CD) Falcon Bracket For LDL Wash Trough


Plastic Insert Pointed Ends


Moonshape Cutting Board


Rondo Prep Bowl (RDX610-34)


Low Stainless Steel Basket


Stainless Steel Drainer Tray


Rondo Prep Bowl (RDX610-44)


Deep Stainless Steel Basket


SA94 Sink


Round Stainless Steel Basket


Trendline Sink (800×460 SEB)


SIRX Bracket


Trendline Sink (900×460 SEB)


Trendline Sink (1000×460 SEB)

R1 053,26

Cub 130 Undermount Sink

R1 182,13

Trendline Sink (900×535 SEB)

R1 222,72

Single Wash Trough (ET103)

R1 258,24

Projectline (PLN611)

R1 273,46

(CD) Trendline Sink (1050×535 SEB)

R1 400,29

Cub 150 Undermount Sink

R1 415,51

Single Wash Trough (ET101)

R1 481,47

Inset Waste Bin

R1 501,76

Trendline Sink (1200×535 SEB)

R1 542,35

Selene SLX110-40 (Satin)

R1 542,35

Nouveau Sink (NVN611)

R1 598,16

Rondo Prep Bowl (RDX610-45)

R1 603,24

Rondo Prep Bowl (RDX610-48) (No T/H)

R1 699,63

Trendline Sink (1200535 SCB)

R1 730,07

Projectline (PLN621)

R1 796,03

Trendline Sink (1200×535 DEB)

R1 922,87

(CD) Nouveau Sink (NVN621)

R2 029,41

Rondo RDX610-48 Prep Bowl (T/H)

R2 044,63

Stella SVX110-40

R2 054,78

Cascade Sink (CDX611)

R2 262,79

LuxTub LDL Wash Trough (32mm)

R2 394,71

LuxTub LDL Wash Trough (90mm)

R2 394,71

Quinline Sink (QLX611)

R2 430,22

DLX 101 Washtrough

R2 486,03

SIRX Wash Trough

R2 617,94

LuxTub DLT Wash Trough (32mm)

R2 638,24

LuxTub DLT Wash Trough (90mm)

R2 638,24

Trendline Sink (1500×535 DCB)

R2 678,82

Double Wash Trough (ET102)

R2 770,15

Cascade Sink (CDX621-120)

R2 815,81

Trendline Sink (1800×535 DCB)

R3 236,91

Quinline Sink (QLX621-110)

R3 373,90

Genesis Sink (GSX621-120)

R3 419,56

Cascade Sink (CDX651)

R3 668,16

Quinline Sink (QLX651)

R3 850,81

Ronda ROG610-41 (Grey)

R3 937,06

Ronda ROG610-41 (White)

R3 937,06

Quinline Sink (QLX621-120)

R4 038,53

Quinline Sink (QLX670)

R4 109,56

Ronda ROG610-41 (Onyx)

R4 332,79

Maris MRX110-19

R4 444,41

Extra Info About Franke Sinks

Franke Sinks manufactures and processes its kitchen materials with superior craftsmanship. As a result, these high-quality materials will help you achieve the kitchen atmosphere and cooking style you want. Read below for more info…


What’s a perfect kitchen without a perfect sink? Franke understands how important sinks are to the overall flow and function of your kitchen. And as the kitchen sink is seen as the heart of the kitchen, it’s the perfect starting point for creating your dream kitchen. There are however certain functional considerations to consider, and the following information will help to ensure that your ideal sink is the perfect fit for your ideal kitchen:

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is at the essence of Franke’s design. They’ve worked with stainless steel for over 100 years and have been designing kitchen solutions since 1930. During this time, they’ve not only learned how to get the most from our raw materials but also how to consistently challenge those materials and turn them into exciting innovations. Stainless Steel is a classic material that can handle any temperature, is very hygienic, and offers a timeless aesthetic.


Following extensive testing and development, Franke’s Fragranite contains 80% granite to form a unique material with a subtle sheen that is warm to the touch. The revolutionary new Fragranite + technology is now available on all Franke Fragranite sinks, which now enjoy ultra-smooth surfaces that are exceptionally easy to clean. Fragranite is also treated with Sanitized® which reduces bacteria and microbe growth by 99%.


Exclusive to Franke, Tectonite represents a huge advance in synthetic material. With its unique texture and stunning, granite-like appearance, Tectonite composite sinks have UV protection so even years later, your sink will still be the same colour as the day it was installed.


There are a few different types of installation types for kitchen sinks available, from the traditional and most popular type – the inset sink to the more contemporary under-mount and Slimtop.

Inset Sink Installation

This classic method of installation involves your sink being installed from above into a pre-prepared hole in your worktop. It gives you the widest range of sink shapes, sizes, and styles to choose from, so you can be sure that there is an inset-style sink to suit your kitchen.

Undermount Sink Installation

Particularly pleasing when combined with granite, wood, or solid surface worktops, undermount sinks allow for smooth, uninterrupted surfaces. Fitted underneath the work surface, it gives an edgeless finish that is easy to clean and is perfectly integrated into the kitchen environment.

Slimtop Sink Installation

The Slimtop design is installed just the same way as a traditional inset sink. Due to the slim profile of the ledge, it will have only a slightly elevated transition from the worktop to the sink.

Flushmount Sink Installation

The Flushmount design is very similar to the Slimtop profile with the difference of having the ledge even with the worktop. To achieve this, the worktop must be milled out to the size of the ledge. The sink is installed so to cover the milled part. The two materials (sink and worktop) will meet at the same height.

Drop on

With a sit-on sink, the sink unit itself replaces the countertop. This traditional sink style is usually low on cost and easy to install.



The type and position of your bowls depend on how you intend to use your sink. If you like space to clean large items like grill pans, a larger single bowl may be best for you. Or for a multi-functional purpose, you may prefer the versatility of two separate working bowls. In the case of multi-bowl sinks where one bowl is smaller, it is important to decide which side you require the smaller bowl.

The drainer’s location is also an important consideration. For many sinks, you will need to choose the specific version you prefer – with the drainer on the left or right-hand side. Whereas other sinks are reversible which indicates the drainer can be positioned on either side.


Finally, Franke Home Solutions offers a range of sink accessories to fit your Franke Sink. Turn your sink into a wonderful workstation with our convenient kitchen helpers which are designed to maximize the space you’re working in. Whether it be chopping boards, strainer bowls, drainer baskets, and more, each piece is designed to be in harmony with your cooking style and needs. Preparation, presentation, and cleaning up are easy when you prepare with the right tools

Written By Bianca Rust, Franke.

Written By Bianca Rust, Franke

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