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Kwikot Sinks

Kwikot Sinks

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Kwikot SPB-MIN Prep Bowl

Kwikot SPB-MIN Prep Bowl


Kwikot SPB-EC Prep Bowl


Kwikot SDI-860-SE Sink Standard


(CD) Undermount Sink (SDI-290-SUM)


Kwikot SCO-800-SE Sit On Sink


Kwikot SWT-SC Wash Trough


Kwikot SCO-900-SE Sit On Sink


Kwikot SSO-900-SE Sink

R1 083,33

Kwikot SPB-STDP Prep Bowl

R1 106,08

Kwikot SDI-790-SE Sink Classique

R1 204,02

Kwikot SSO-1050-SE Sink

R1 242,61

Kwikot SPB-THP Prep Bowl

R1 297,02

Under Mount Sink (SDI-450-SUM)

R1 347,48

(CD) Kwikot SDI-850-DBR Prep Bowl

R1 407,57

Kwikot SDI-1160-CS Sink Standard

R1 453,34

Kwikot SDI-1160-DE Sink Classique

R1 629,44

Kwikot SWT-SON Wash Through

R1 700,67

Kwikot SDI-790-SEA Sink Classique

R1 773,88

Wash Trough (SWT-RIBP)

R1 927,23

Kwikot SDWT-EC Sink

R1 951,96

Kwikot SWT-AUSR Wash Trough

R1 982,63

Kwikot SWT-WM Wash Through

R2 056,83

Kwikot SWT-SPACE Wash Through

R2 059,80

Kwikot SSO-1200-SE Sink

R2 084,54

Kwikot SDI-1160-DEA Sink Classique

R2 250,74

Kwikot SDI-116-DLHB Sink Classique

R2 984,83

Kwikot SDI-116-DRHB Sink Classique

R2 984,83

Kwikot SDI-1380-DC Sink Classique

R3 113,45

Kwikot SDI-770-DUM Sink Under Mount

R3 504,24

Kwikot SDI-1500-DC Sink

R3 807,96

Kwikot SDI-400-SUM Sink Under Mount

R3 808,95

Kwikot SDI-450-SUML Sink Under Mount

R3 917,78

Kwikot SSO-1500-DC Sink

R3 918,76

Kwikot SSO-1800-DC Sink

R4 170,06

Kwikot SDI-1450-DE Sink

R4 532,15

Kwikot SDI-1350-DE Sink Classique

R4 658,79

Kwikot SSO-1500-DE Sink

R4 860,61

Kwikot SDI-CORN-LH Corner Sink

R5 687,71

Kwikot SDI-CORN-RH Corner Sink

R5 687,71

Kwikot SDI-776-DUM Sink Under Mount

R6 094,32

Glass Sink (SDI-860-SBGW) (White)

R9 155,34

Glass Sink (SDI-860-SBGB) (Black)

R9 155,34

(CD) Glass Sink (SDI-1160-DBGB) (Black)

R11 556,76

Glass Sink (SDI-1160-DBGW) (White)

R11 656,38

Extra Info About Kwikot Sinks

Kwikot Sinks are made in South Africa.

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