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(CD) Teka Basico 280 Sink

(CD) Teka Basico 280 Sink


Teka Basico 450 Prep Bowl

(450 x 450 x 160mm)

(CD) Teka Basico 400 Sink

(433 x 433 x 180mm)

Teka Basico 510 Prep Bowl

(510 x 510 x 160mm)

(CD) Teka Bex 40.34

(400 x 340 x 200mm)

Teka Starbright 1B 1D Sink

R1 055,29

Teka Stylo 1B Sink

R1 336,70
(465 x 485 x 160mm)

(CD) Teka Starbright 2B 1D Sink

R1 363,09
(1160 x 500 x 150mm)

Teka Be 34 40 Plus

R1 407,05
(367 x 427 x 200mm)

Teka BE 40 40 Plus

R1 609,32
(433 x 433 x 200mm)

Teka BE 50 40 Plus Sink

R1 623,52
(530 x 430 x 200mm)

Teka Linea R15 34.40 Sink

R2 277,67
(380 x 440 x 184mm)

Teka Linea R15 40.40 Sink

R2 418,38
(440 x 440 x 184mm)

Teka Starbright 1.5B 1D Sink

R2 453,55

(CD) Teka BE 2B 765 Sink

R2 711,29
(780 x 464 x 200mm)

Teka Linea R15 18.40 Sink

R3 016,38
(218 x 437 x 135mm)

Teka Classic 2B 1D Sink

R4 133,23
(1160 x 500 x 193mm)

(CD) Teka Classic Angular Sink

R4 713,65
(830 x 830 x 187mm)

Teka SA Classic 2.5B 1D

R4 986,26
(1400 x 500 x 160mm)

(CD) Teka Classic 2.5B Sink

R5 144,56
(1000 x 500 x 196mm)

Extra Info About Teka Sinks

In Kitchens, Teka numbers among the leading sink and built-in appliance brands, manufacturing quality home appliances, commercial equipment, and most importantly – Kitchen sinks. It is one of the world’s largest producers of sinks and the only technology manufacturer in today’s market offering a fully integrated range. Teka is a worldwide brand with sales offices and production facilities in every corner of the world in over 125 countries on 5 continents. In addition to its own facilities, various agents across the world have chosen Teka as their company partner.

Innovation and a strict commitment to the highest quality standards are two ideals that make Teka the first choice for more and more homes. Since1924, Teka group has dedicated all its resources and expertise to achieving one single goal: improving the quality of life of millions of customers. From an innovative design to improved features, every production process undergoes constant improvement. All this while paying special attention to each detail. Because at Teka, even the smallest detail counts. When you consider just how much time you spend in the kitchen you realise how important it is to have a kitchen that combines design with user-friendliness. When purchasing a kitchen sink it is extremely important to consider each sink’s key features and how they can improve your lifestyle

Teka inset sinks are impressive in every aspect. Inset sinks from Teka are far from the norm, each sink range has its own unique styling on both the bowls and drainer board. Inset sinks bowls are generally larger and deeper than their competitors, and all feature 18/10 stainless steel with thickness ranging from 0.5mm – 1.2mm. From entry-level to exclusive, Teka is sure to have an inset sink to suit your personal taste and budget

Teka undermounts are by far the most popular sinks in the South African market. We boast the largest range of undermounts in the southern hemisphere and do so because we believe every individual is unique. Undermounts are manufactured by the highest quality standards with a stainless steel thickness of 1.2mm, except for the Basico range of undermounts.

A limited range of Teka mixers is stocked as part of our South African offering. These mixers are both beautiful in design and excellent in quality. Each mixer contains a ceramic cartridge which allows smooth operation for years to come.

Written By Troye Larson, Teka Sinks

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