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Butler Sinks

Butler Sinks

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Drainer Tray


(CD) Flawed Ceramic Butler Sink (600mm)

Original price was: R2 300,00.Current price is: R2 185,00.
(600 x 400 x 200mm)

Butler Sink Ceramic (600)

R2 618,67
(600 x 400 x 200mm)

(CD) Butler Sink Composite (400)

Original price was: R2 760,00.Current price is: R2 622,00.
(400 x 350 x 200mm)

Butler Sink 400 (Concrete)

R2 909,64
(400 x 350 x 200mm)

Baby – Black

R3 103,61

Butler Backsplash

R3 200,60

(CD) Butler Sink Composite (600)

Original price was: R3 417,14.Current price is: R3 246,29.
(600 x 400 x 200mm)

Butler Sink Composite (640)

R3 394,58
(640 x 430 x 200mm)

James Butler Sink

R4 003,24
(520 x 425 x 200mm)

Butler – Baby Brass Gloss

R4 073,49

Butler Sink Composite Fluted (600)

R4 267,47
(600 x 450 x 200mm)

Butler Sink 600 (Black)

R4 412,95
(600 x 400 x 200mm)

Belfast Butler Sink (600)

R4 558,43
(598 x 453 x 228mm)

Butler – Single Copper Gloss

R5 237,35
(600 x 400 x 200mm)

Cleaner Sink

R5 819,28

Butler Sink Composite Double (800)

R6 061,75
(800 x 400 x 215mm)

Moderna Double – White

R6 304,22
(1145 x 490 x 420mm)

(CD) Rak Jacklyn Butler Sink

R6 748,20
(800 x 500 x 200mm)

Butler Sink Composite (1000)

R7 080,12
(995 x 430 x 220mm)

Butler Sink Composite (900)

R7 274,10
(900 x 450 x 230mm)

Butler – Drop In Double

R7 565,06

Giant Butler 2 Tone

R8 050,00
(900 x 450 x 230mm)

Butler Sink With Oak Stand (Single)

R8 243,98
(600 x 400 x 650mm)

Shaws Classic Butler 600

R8 365,21
(595 x 460 x 255mm)

Shaws Belthorn Inset / Undermount Sink

R8 365,21
(381 x 381 x 191mm)

(CD) Belfast Butler Sink (800)

Original price was: R9 200,00.Current price is: R8 740,00.
(895 x 455 x 230mm)

Shaws Classic Inset 600 Sink

R9 669,35
(595 x 460 x 255mm)

Shaws Classic Butler 800

R10 978,69
(795 x 460 x 255mm)

Shaws Classic Waterside Sink

R10 978,69
(597 x 530 x 220mm)

Butler Sink With Oak Stand (Double)

R11 638,55
(800 x 425 x 650mm)

Giant Butler On Meranti Legs

R15 518,07
(900 x 450 x 920mm)

Shaws Classic Double Bowl 800

R18 684,04
(795 x 465 x 229mm)

Shaws Edgeworth Sink

R21 297,52
(997 x 470 x 255mm)

Extra Info About Butler Sinks

Butler Sinks have a major design appeal and can be very practical as well. But you may have questions before you buy. In the article below Keagan from Rossco tries to answer the following questions:

What is a Butler Sink? What should I consider before buying a Butler Sink? Is there a difference in materials of different Butler Sinks and should I consider this before buying? Please read further to see the explanation from Rossco’s Keagan:

With their origins purported to be from 17th-century Europe, these classic farmhouse-style sinks have been around for centuries. While still true to their essence, butler sinks have evolved with the times, with new materials and designs befitting both classic and contemporary kitchen spaces.

Traditionally manufactured in crisp white ceramic, butler sinks are now available in various materials. Available in solid composite, Butler Sinks are manufactured to order and can be produced in any colour. Colour customisation allows for deviation from conventional towards more modern statement units, which can act as the centerpiece to a beautifully designed kitchen. In keeping with tradition, the solid composite compound is a long-lasting and hardwearing material, with deep bowls that add robustness and durability.

Composite Butler Sinks are manufactured from materials that are gentler on your crockery than glass-type ceramic Butler Sinks, which are known to break, crack or chip dishes and glassware when not used with sink protectors. The look of a composite Butler Sink is uniform throughout with an elegance that can be seen in the simplicity of the design. The depth and size of the bowl compartments make washing bigger pots and pans a breeze. Long associated with high-end interior design, these sinks are both functional and, when manufactured out of our composite compound, indulgently luxurious.

Choosing the right Butler Sink means considering your needs, family size, available space, as well as the style of tap you will be pairing the basin with. Typically, under-mount installed with the front face exposed, the look, shape, and size of the basin will affect, and be affected by, the cabinetry you choose, as well as the type of worktop you have on either side of it. While the surface of the sink itself is non-porous, a suitable worktop, such as granite, marble, or Caesarstone should be paired with a standard under-mount installation to prevent water ingress from damaging the worktop material.

Butler Sinks are heavy sinks and the weight of both empty and full Butler Sinks should be kept in mind as additional support may be required for bigger units. If you’re replacing your existing Butler Sink, the installation should be straightforward if the sinks are of the same size, but consideration should be given to the existing cut-out. New installation would require that a suitable aperture be cut into the worktop to accommodate the sink.

As far back as its earliest development, Butler Sinks have been designed to be easy to clean and relatively low maintenance is required. Knowing how best to care for your Butler Sinks will help ensure that your basin gives you the highest return on your investment. Most dirt and stains are removed with a Scotch-Brite pad with either warm soapy water, 50/50 white vinegar and water solution, or a non-abrasive cleaner applied in circular motions with constant pressure over the affected area. Some elbow grease and a repeat of the steps above may be required for more stubborn stains.

The use of strong chemicals, such as paint removers, oven cleaners, and even undiluted bleach should not be used in the Butler Sinks. Caustic chemicals can damage the look of the sink and deteriorate the finish. While heat-resistant, Composite Butler Sinks are not heat-proof, meaning hot pots and pans should not be placed directly into a dry sink. Extremely hot pots like those coming directly from the broiler may cause blooming and even cracks on the sink.

Versatile enough to be charming in a rustic kitchen and bold in a modern one, Butler Sinks are suitable for almost every kitchen imaginable. Available in various size and colour options, there is a Butler Sink suitable for any kitchen size and design.

Written By Keagan, Rossco Basins and Butler Sinks

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