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Kitchen Taps

Kitchen Taps

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Entrada Wall Type Sink Mixer

Entrada Wall Type Sink Mixer


(CD) Bella Sink Tap (TH)

Original price was: R537,63.Current price is: R456,98.

Entrada Single Hole Sink Mixer


(CD) Venice Sink Mixer (P/T)

Original price was: R506,76.Current price is: R481,42.

Swansea Sink Mixer D/T


(CD) IQ Eco Sink Mixer (D/T)

Original price was: R598,36.Current price is: R568,44.

Sparta Pillar Type Sink Mixer


Tampa Wall Sink Mixer


Swansea Sink Mixer W/T


Ballaugh Sink Mixer D/T (Underspout)


TT Prep Bowl Tap


TM Prep Bowl Tap


Pilano Prep Bowl Tap


Colonial Prep Bowl Tap


Montana Sink Mixer (1 T/H)

R1 051,27

Colby Sink Mixer D/T

R1 132,54

IQ Plus Sink Mixer (D/T)

R1 148,27

Adour Bronze Sink Mixer (1 T/H)

R1 152,49

Ballaugh Sink Mixer W/T

R1 208,05

TT Sink Mixer (Deck Type)

R1 234,87

Colonial Sink Mixer (D/T)

R1 245,81

TM Sink Mixer(Deck Type)

R1 245,81

Miami Single Hole Sink Mixer

R1 250,55

Pilano Sink Mixer (D/T

R1 296,15

TT Sink Mixer (Wall Type)

R1 305,43

Magnetite Sink Mixer

R1 323,36

Genova Sink Mixer

R1 350,68

ColonialSink Mixer (W/T)

R1 359,07

Pilano Sink Mixer (W/T)

R1 359,07

TM Sink Mixer (Wall Type)

R1 359,07

Torino Sink Mixer

R1 382,08

Aspen Sink Mixer D/T

R1 385,54

Montana Sink Mixer (W/T)

R1 493,54

Aspen Sink Mixer D/T (Overspout)

R1 547,82

Victoria Sink Mixer

R1 556,71

Brava Sink Mixer P/Type

R1 656,63

Genova Black Sink Mixer

R1 727,61

Torino Black Sink Mixer

R1 727,61

Aspen Sink Mixer W/T

R1 736,59

Geneva Sink Mixer (Black)

R1 819,22

Erebus Sink Mixer (D/T )

R1 834,67

Solace Kitchen Mixer (Chrome)

R1 859,35

Selune Catering Mixer

R1 884,45

(CD) Victoria Sink Mixer W/T

Original price was: R1 994,53.Current price is: R1 894,80.

Brava Sink Mixer W/Type

R1 945,88

Magnetite Sink Mixer (Wall Type)

R1 962,18

Malta Sink Mixer (26035)

R2 053,67

Malta Sink Mixer (26035B)

R2 073,12

Valour Kitchen Mixer (Chrome)

R2 115,58

(CD) Solace Kitchen Mixer (C.Gold)

Original price was: R2 462,64.Current price is: R2 155,00.

Cher Sink Mixer – Black

R2 174,36

Solace Kitchen Mixer (Black)

R2 175,46

Valour Kitchen Mixer (Black)

R2 368,86

Maine Sink Mixer

R2 405,42

(CD) L20 Sink Mixer

Original price was: R2 592,89.Current price is: R2 463,25.

Malta Black Sink Mixer (26035BK)

R2 487,75

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