Water Heating

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Water Heating

Water Heating

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Hydrotap Cold Temp Probe

Hydrotap Cold Temp Probe


Brackets for SK3


Brackets for SK5


Compressor Relay Hydrotap 2 (91447)

R1 208,14

Compressor Overload Hydrotap 2 (91448)

R1 208,14

Carafe Spout

R1 231,26

Filter Replacement Cartridge 0.5 micron

R1 305,88

Hydroboil Pro Tap

R1 317,07

Compressor Capacitor Hydrotap 2 (91475)

R1 495,32

Vent Tray for BC, BCS Commercial Units

R1 772,27

G4 M/Purity Filter Head Rear Outlet Internal (94357)

R1 800,26

HydroTap Font Tap extension (HydroTap)

R2 005,47

Zip Global Plus Water Filtration Cartridge (0.2 Micron-11.356)

R2 462,53

Drip Tray – SK3

R2 481,18

Micropurity 0.2 Micron Filter (93701) – 41,063 litres

R2 481,18

Over Basin Geyser (10L)

R2 505,06

Under Basin Geyser (10L)

R2 505,06

Micropurity 3 Micron Filter 1.5 Size (93703) – 13,248

R2 611,77

(CD) Over Basin Geyser (15L)

Original price was: R2 783,00.Current price is: R2 643,85.
(360 x 320 x 360mm)

Pentair MH2 (Filter Only) – 34,068 litres

R2 798,33

Drip Tray – SK5

R2 854,30

Legacy 0.2 Submicro Carbonless Filter Health- (94062) – 5,678 litres

R2 854,30

Over Basin Geyser (30L)

R2 881,93

ZIP Co2 Gas Cartridge (2 per pack)

R3 022,20

Gas Geyser (5L)

R3 175,66

Ambient DIY Filter Kit (Carafe spout sold separately)

R3 600,52

G4 M/Purity Filter Head External & W/Mount (94362)

R3 647,16

G4 M/Purity Filter Head – G3 Replacement (94361)

R3 647,16

Font Tap Extension Only

R4 029,60

Font & Drainer Tray + Tap Extension (94033)

R4 551,95

HydroTap Font & Drainer Tray (HydroTap)

R4 747,84

Gas Geyser (14L)

R5 680,72

Font & Drainer Tray + Tap Extension – 93298

R6 781,29

Font & Drainer Tray (93444)

R6 939,86

Boiltap Tap

R7 446,89

Kwikboil 2.5 Litre Water Heater (White)

R7 758,67

Kwikboil 2.5 Litre Water Heater (Stainless)

R8 341,33

Kwikboil 5 Litre Water Heater (White)

R8 462,98

Hydrotap Tap

R9 120,46

Hydroboil 2.5 Litre (White)

R9 131,89

Kwikboil 7.5 Litre Water Heater (White)

R9 357,42

Kwikboil 5 Litre Water Heater (Stainless)

R9 511,78

Kwikboil 10 Litre Water Heater (White)

R9 642,62

Hydroboil 2.5 Litre (Stainless Steel)

R10 120,64

Kwikboil 7.5 Litre Water Heater (Stainless)

R10 242,67

Hydroboil 5 Litre (White)

R10 391,14

Compressor 2014?2016 Bc/Bcs 100/75(90021)

R10 516,75

Kwikboil 10 Litre Water Heater (Stainless)

R11 075,78

Hydroboil 5 Litre (Stainless Steel)

R11 323,92

Zip Hydroboil 5 Litre – White Epoxy

R11 368,39

Hydroboil 7.5 Litre (White)

R11 603,76

Compressor-Bcs/Bc Hydrotap 2 (93249)

R11 685,28

Booster Only (G4 Models)

R12 070,14

Gas Geyser (Fan Forced) (20L)

R12 237,11

Hydroboil 7.5 Litre (Stainless Steel)

R12 424,60

Kwikboil 15 Litre Water Heater (White)

R12 458,84

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