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This product is a Bathroom Butler Product. This is the PLUS Shower Arm 90deg-400mm -BCGD and it is for sale through House Shop. It is made by Bathroom Butler. You can buy it through House Shop but if you have seen it for cheaper through our competition let us know and we will see if we can match the price. You can shop for it in our Shower Roses category. It forms part of the Null range. It’s product code is TPLR1042BCGD

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Bathroom Butler started as a small family business in South Africa, back then it wasn’t called Bathroom Butler, Keith Maclaren-Taylor started the manufacturing business in the 70s out of his garage, where he first started making gym equipment and where the row master was invented. Andrew, Angela, and Craig all grew up watching their father Keith hard at work and during school holidays they would get involved and help him, learning the ropes of the business from a young age and building a business from the ground up. Keith instilled the importance of work ethic in his children early on and that it pays off. After completing their various studies, all the children began work for the family business, starting from the bottom and then becoming leaders of their own. In 2005 they started and launched Bathroom Butler to the market. Today Bathroom Butler is known as one of the leading suppliers of bathroom accessories and heated towel racks. Driven by innovation and engineering excellence, the focus is on design and quality. One of Bathroom Butler’s innovations is the patented RIGID Loc Mounting System for bathroom accessories, which was designed with the consumer in mind to eliminate the problem of bathroom accessories constantly coming loose. Bathroom Butler has also pioneered advanced DET Technology for their heated towel racks and were among the first brands to start using GRADE 304 Stainless Steel for their products instead of Chrome.

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