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Sanaa 45cm basin

Sanaa 45cm basin

(458 x 302 x 207mm)

(CD) Didi Oriza Basin

Original price was: R535,01.Current price is: R374,51.

Betta Flair Basin

(470 x 290 x 165mm)

Betta Courier Basin (Deluxe)

(500 x 425 x 150mm)

Kalahari Basin (2 Tap Hole)


Bakoven Drop In Basin


Atlas 50 Basin & Pedestal

(500 x 788 x 410mm)

H2Flo Diego Basin

(460 x 460 x 175mm)

Cobra Welcome Wh Basin Med 429X390X162


Betta Trio Basin

(460 x 460 x 220mm)

Solo Basin Freestanding Tiamin


Solomon Basin & Pedestal


Cobra Arrive Semi Ped Square 220X228X312


Tiny Retro Basin

(270 x 270 x 130mm)

Gabriella Counter Basin (1 T/H)

(460 x 460 x 170mm)

Sarah 53 Basin

(530 x 195 x 400mm)

Cobra Shelter Wh Cornerbasin 390X350X175


H2Flo Oregon Basin

(460 x 460 x 160mm)

Charlene Counter Basin

(485 x 375 x 130mm)

Sumaya 57 Basin

(570 x 220 x 460mm)

H2Flo Alamo Basin

(430 x 430 x 135mm)

H2Flo Kansas Basin

(460 x 395 x 150mm)

(CD) Radar Basin

R1 001,83

Cobra Shelter Wh Round Basin 495X430X190

R1 010,88

Cyprus Free Standing Basin

R1 014,59

Ovale Basin only

R1 016,92
(410 x 330 x 140mm)

Patricia Counter Basin

R1 017,95
(545 x 395 x 170mm)

Saly Corner Basin

R1 030,01
(470 x 195 x 417mm)

Didi Emilia Basin

R1 059,94
(570 x 400 x 130mm)

Cobra Arrive Wh Square Basin 530X435X196

R1 064,15

Elba Free Standing Basin

R1 074,29

Mini Weaver Basin

R1 074,52
(335 x 290 x 115mm)

Guernsey Basin & Pedestal (1 Tap Hole)

R1 082,93

Sandy Counter Basin (1 T/H)

R1 083,46
(505 x 440 x 200mm)

Vigo Basin

R1 107,05

H2Flo Baltimore Basin

R1 113,42
(500 x 405 x 190mm)

Pamela Small Counter Basin (1 T/H)

R1 118,83
(470 x 470 x 165mm)

(CD) Pointed Oval Basin

Original price was: R1 610,00.Current price is: R1 127,00.
(580 x 380 x 155mm)

Santorini Free Standing Basin

R1 135,09

Bau Ceramic Full Pedestal

R1 136,53

Bordo Basin only

R1 162,40
(510 x 420 x 150mm)

Kauai Free Standing Basin

R1 166,29

BS Undercounter basin (Includes brackets)

R1 171,13
(560 x 420 x 210mm)

Mini Retro Basin

R1 212,35
(500 x 500 x 500mm)

Skye Free Standing Basin

R1 214,54

Didi Zola Basin?

R1 246,99
(460 x 410 x 160mm)

Didi Rica Basin

R1 246,99
(560 x 460 x 140mm)

Didi Mona Basin

R1 246,99
(420 x 290 x 140mm)

Tahiti Free Standing Basin

R1 264,40

Bau Ceramic Semi Pedestal

R1 266,53

Rhine Basin

R1 307,88
(405 x 405 x 140mm)

Limpopo Basin

R1 307,88
(400 x 400 x 120mm)

Baby Square Basin

R1 309,34
(375 x 300 x 115mm)

Baby Oval Ceramic Basin

R1 309,34
(400 x 250 x 120mm)

Bau Ceramic Washbasin Wall Hung 55

R1 319,55

Reunion Free Standing Basin

R1 334,28

Extra Info About Basins

There are a few different types of basins for your bathroom on the market these days. The most popular type is the countertop basin, which is a small basin that sits on top of a counter or vanity.

There is also wall hung basins, underslung basins, drop in basins, basins and pedestals, semi-recessed basins, cabinet basins and free-standing basins.

Countertop Basins

The countertop basin is popular mainly because the entire shape of the basin can be seen and adds a design element to the vanity. A cabinet basin forms part of the vanity, and it does not stand out as much as the countertop basin.

Wall Hung Basins

Another type of basin is the wall-hung basin, which is mounted to a wall. Smaller bathrooms may not have room for a countertop basin and a wall-hung basin is an excellent alternative. Wall-hung basins are also a good option for those who do not want too much space taken up by unnecessary storage or those who would like to avoid bringing wooden cabinets into a wet bathroom area.

Vanity Top Basins

The third type is the vanity top basin. The vanity top basin is like the countertop basin but is much larger. It is typically made for use with a wall-mounted tap and is typically deeper and wider than the countertop basin.

For convenience, it is important to choose a basin that has a built-in tap or mixer. Some countertop basins are made of marble or other stone-like material, but many are made of granite or porcelain.

This is the most common of all the bathroom sinks. Some basins are designed to fit into a cut-out in the wall. This is a more attractive and permanent solution, but they are not suitable for all bathrooms. Another option is a pedestal sink which is a basin that rests on a pedestal that is sometimes made of lovely stone material. This type of basin often has a very elegant look. Another option is a pedestal basin.

If you have a small bathroom, you should look for a small basin. You should also look for a basin that has a low height to it.

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Quintus Grunewald

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