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Because of the type of products we sell it is much easier and more accurate for our staff to do a quote for transport offline. It works out much cheaper as well, in most cases. If you would like a quote for transport please choose the "No Payment" option (on the checkout page) and make a note in the "Order Notes" box that we should add a quote for transport. One of our staff will contact you with a quote for the products which includes transport to your address.


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Retro Cistern Only

Retro Cistern Only


Handle & Chain


(CD) Tamarin Toilet Complete (TF)

R1 186,03

(CD) Tamarin Toilet Complete (FF)

R1 186,03

Capri Wall Hung Pan (Seat)

R1 601,06

Vaal Orchid Wall Hung Pan

R1 742,83

Diplomat Wall Hung Pan (Soft)

R1 751,54

Sydney Box Set (Includes Pan & Mdf Seat)

R1 879,43

Bermuda Wall Hung Pan (Seat)

R1 938,13

Michelle Wall Hung Pan

R1 956,60

Bettalux Toilet Complete (FF)

R1 970,66

Amalia Toilet Complete

R2 048,18

Bermuda Toilet Complete (TF)

R2 054,78

Fiji Wall Hung Pan (Seat)

R2 129,36

Euro Toilet Complete

R2 137,71

(CD) Bali Wall Hung Pan (Seat)

R2 233,06

Atlas Pan (Top Inlet) (No Seat)

R2 274,40

Michele Toilet Complete

R2 333,99

Martinique Toilet Complete (TF)

R2 349,55

Birch Wall Hung Pan

R2 384,56

Shortland Toilet Complete (Soft)

R2 482,65

Oceano Wall Hung Pan

R2 612,14

Mirage II Toilet Complete (TF)

R2 665,29

Marilla Toilet Complete

R2 760,00

Retro Bidet

R2 765,41

Arctic Toilet Complete (TF)

R2 815,81

Marina Toilet Complete

R2 817,69

Opale Wall Hung Pan

R2 890,39

Blake Wall Hung Pan

R2 932,50

Urban Life Rimless Pan

R3 059,01

Shortland Toilet Complete (Std)

R3 080,36

Salina Toilet Complete

R3 084,71

(CD) Entice Wall Hung Pan

R3 095,33

Amour Floor Mount Pan

R3 117,85

Opale Floor Mount Pan

R3 117,85

Mykonos Toilet Complete (TF)

R3 173,49

Pali Wall Hung Pan III

R3 176,03

Orion Toilet Complete (TF)

R3 188,71

Duzi Wall Hung Pan (Soft Close)

R3 284,07

Refine Wall Hung Pan

R3 322,24

Amour Wall Hung Pan

R3 340,92

Strata Toilet

R3 418,88

Energy Wall Hung Pan

R3 585,48

High Level Cistern with internal fittings 540*300

R3 826,12

Jacob Wall Hung Pan II

R4 150,15

Jacob Toilet Suite Complete

R4 150,15

Pali III Toilet Complete

R4 150,15

Volta Wall Hung Pan (Soft Close)

R4 263,21

Vaal Entice Rimless Close Couple Toilet

R4 285,44

Oriental Squat Pan

R4 407,11

Retro Toilet

R4 408,56

Roca Gap Wall Hung Pan

R4 464,71

Le Rubis Toilet Suite Complete

R4 564,65

Refine Toilet Complete

R4 635,13

Zambezi Wall Hung Pan

R4 721,57

Vaal Ingenue Rimless Close Couple Toilet

R4 994,84

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