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Because of the type of products we sell it is much easier and more accurate for our staff to do a quote for transport offline. It works out much cheaper as well, in most cases. If you would like a quote for transport please choose the "No Payment" option (on the checkout page) and make a note in the "Order Notes" box that we should add a quote for transport. One of our staff will contact you with a quote for the products which includes transport to your address.


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(CD) IQ Eco Sink Mixer (D/T)


(CD) IQ Eco Sink Mixer (D/T)


IQ Eco Basin Mixer


IQ Eco Bath / Shower Mixer


IQ Plus Bath / Shower Mixer


IQ Plus Diverter Mixer


IQ Plus Basin Mixer


IQ Eco Bath Mixer


Didi Emilia Basin

R1 005,43
(570 x 400 x 130mm)

IQ Eco Diverter Mixer

R1 006,25

IQ Plus Sink Mixer (D/T)

R1 058,96

Didi Zola Basin?

R1 182,86
(460 x 410 x 160mm)

Didi Rica Basin

R1 182,86
(560 x 460 x 140mm)

Didi Mona Basin

R1 182,86
(420 x 290 x 140mm)

Didi Kai Basin?

R1 281,43
(400 x 400 x 140mm)

Didi Santos Basin

R1 360,29
(310 x 420 x 130mm)

Didi Talia Basin

R1 419,43
(465 x 465 x 140mm)

IQ Plus Bath Mixer

R1 509,38

Didi Lugo Basin

R1 646,14
(435 x 685 x 435mm)

Didi Murcia Basin

R1 729,93
(690 x 335 x 110mm)

Blake Wall Hung Pan

R3 031,07

Birch Wall Hung Pan

R3 118,27

Jacob Wall Hung Pan II

R4 031,57

Pali Wall Hung Pan III

R4 153,27

Jacob Toilet Suite Complete

R4 287,86

Pali III Toilet Complete

R5 427,12

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