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Because of the type of products we sell it is much easier and more accurate for our staff to do a quote for transport offline. It works out much cheaper as well, in most cases. If you would like a quote for transport please choose the "No Payment" option (on the checkout page) and make a note in the "Order Notes" box that we should add a quote for transport. One of our staff will contact you with a quote for the products which includes transport to your address.


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Public Toilets

Public Toilets

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(CD) Junior Flushmaster (FJ4.203PR)

(CD) Junior Flushmaster (FJ4.203PR)


Flushpipes (FMT1.2)


Flushpipes (FJT5.5)


TT Angle Valve


Flushpipes (FJT5.1)


Flushpipes (FMT3.4CP)


Metris E Shut-Off Valve


Flushpipes (FJT1.2)


Flushpipes (FMT1.1)


Flushpipes (FJT1.1)


Cobra Gate Valve Green 1003 Cxc 35Mm Rb


Cobra Float Valve 700 Hp Port 25Mm Rb


Flushpipes (FJT1.5)

R1 044,43

Flushpipes (FMT1.3)

R1 114,85

Cobra Medical Lever 500/1Cp

R1 139,90

Flush Pipe

R1 434,46

Cobra Gate Valve Cobra 1002 Fxf 65Mmrb

R1 569,90

Cobra Gatevalve Green 1001 Fxf 50Mm Rb

R1 764,91

Solenoid Valve

R1 829,92

New Tempesta-F Trigger Spray Set W.Valve

R1 846,07

Rondo Urinal Flush Valve W.Shut-Off

R2 095,37

Cobra Gate Valve Cobra 1002 Fxf 80Mmrb

R2 160,37

Metered Valve Urinal Exp

R2 279,15

Rondo Urinal Flush Valve

R2 669,57

Cobra Seine Exp Bath Mixer – Br Gold

R2 782,13

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves (FJ6.001)

R2 783,34

Lead Through For Pull Out Showers Square

R2 794,35

Cobra Float Valve 700 Hp Moh 32Mm Rb

R2 989,20

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves: (FJ4.001)

R3 119,21

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves (FJ6.000)

R3 482,15

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves (FJ2.000)

R3 655,50

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves (FJ2.210)

R3 715,10

Geberit Selnova Urinal

R3 757,63

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves (FJ2.100)

R4 262,24

Geberit Smyle Urinal

R4 828,41

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves (FJ8.102)

R4 874,37

Standard Flushmaster Flushvalves (KF1.104)

R5 036,88

Urinal Flush Actuator

R5 165,29

Standard Flushmaster Flushvalves (FM2.100)

R5 589,44

Concealed Flush Valve For Wc

R5 822,36

Standard Flushmaster Flushvalves (FM2.210)

R5 974,05

Junior Flushmaster Flushvalves (FJ4.203)

R6 916,64

Geberit Alivio Urinal (Top Inlet)

R7 310,19

Standard Flushmaster Flushvalves (FM1.000)

R7 463,77

Geberit Pareo Urinal

R7 652,91

Standard Flushmaster Flushvalves (FM1.210)

R8 357,60

Standard Flushmaster Flushvalves (FM3.402)

R8 606,79

Standard Flushmaster Flushvalves (FM1.100)

R8 633,88

Electronic Urinal Valve Exposed

R9 051,00

Electronic Urinal Flushvalve

R9 191,86

Geberit Preda Urinal (Waterless)

R10 843,04

Geberit Preda Urinal (Back Inlet)

R11 481,04

Geberit Centaurus Urinal

R12 877,89

Geberit Selva Urinal (Waterless)

R14 669,57

Geberit Selva Urinal

R19 134,97

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